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Oh hey! You will never know how much I love the fact that you are here! I am Ash. I started design, yadda yadda, no one cares! Let's talk about WHY I do what I do, day in and day out, and what I have to offer to you that no other designer can top!

I only work with badass people for starters! Don't get me wrong here. I could care LESS if you have 1 fan on Facebook or 20,000. I will only work with people who are as passionate about their art as I am about mine. Contrary to popular belief, branding is nothing about status. It is everything about YOU, and YOUR CLIENTS. Struggling to draw in your ideal clientele, and sick of settling on something when your heart really isn't there? Take a look at your brand.

Does the fact that you purchased that logo when you first started your business reflect your ideal client? Did it come from Etsy, and cost you $35? Is it now the most saturated, trendy look, and even your competitor down the road is sporting something similar? If you answered yes to any of these questions, thats where branding comes into play. Do you know how awesome it is watching my clients evolve into exactly what they want in their business by just branding themselves, and defining a web presence like none of their competition. Seriously, call me!

If you are looking to have a one of a kind (no clip art here folks) piece of art created, that is what I have to offer. Rarely ever will I use a purchased font as the base of your identity. All elements are hand-drawn, by me. I implement a lot of watercolor into my designs as well. Not only is watercolor painting my zen, but it holds that dreamy, whimsical factor that IS Laynie and Belle.

I have worked with over 175 creatives in developing their brand, and web presence. Laynie and Belle is a one stop shop. From the consulting to the install we do it all.


hoosier living in NC
could not function without music
was a hair stylist for about 10 years
i love root beer
and for that matter, i love beer too.
and wine. i love that too.
sailor < trucker
i do not watch tv
co-owner of skincare business with my husband.
second language is sarcasm
average classy wife and mom that lives and breathes for her family.

i'm ash